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Regardless of your niche or industry, our primary focus is to make your business stand out from others with writing that completely resonates with your target audience, making YOU uniquely different.

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Copywriting Services

Great copy equals massive conversation rates


Content that enhances traffic to your online store

Blog writing

Keep your readers asking for more with captivating blog content

Website content

Website copy crafted with creativity and precision, boosting online presence while maintaining a unique story.

Marketing content

Engage content that does nothing else but compel

Book writing

Whether it's fiction or non-fiction—bring ideas to life with compelling narratives that keep readers keen and wanting more.

Social media marketing & management

Sell with your profile and record consistent growth

Business writing

Communicate your business message effectively, with polished writing designed to convey professionalism.

Why Us?

A hitch-free ride is what you'd experience with us.
We're masters in:

Unmatched quality

We're keen on research; cutting through the core of your unique business need, crafting top-notch content that impressively mirrors your expectations.

Tripartite revisions

We offer a whooping 3-FREE revisions to ensure your expectations are fully met.

Delivery before deadline

We're deadline-oriented, keeping you rest assured of no delays.

24/7 Availability

Regardless of time zone differences, we're stable in offering our top-notch services anyday, anytime.

Search engine optimization (SEO)

We're not only offering flawless content, we also ensure it beats every other related content and puts you first—as it should be!


Being creatively talented, we strictly shun the use of AI to develop content. We also employ the use of tools to detect plagiarism and AI developed content.

Our operational lifecycle

Takes you through a stress-free journey to finally get your expectations met with ultimate satisfaction. It begins with:

A free consultation

With the best consultants to hear you out, understand your business needs and expectations and develop an effective strategy for them.

Deploy our SEO Specialists

Our SEO Specialists stay consistently up to date with diverse industry trends, to draft out strategies to improve your visibility and optimize your content for search engines.

Engage our writers

With the perfect skill set blended with creativity to deliver beyond expectations, while employing their uniqueness in crafting out narratives, conveying your message and evoking emotions.

Repeated revisions and editing

With our able editors to ensure no glitch or mistake is overlooked. They improve clarity, coherence, and overall quality. Each round of revision is intended to enhance various elements such as structure, grammar, style, and tone.

We bring you in

Go over your content till it completely aligns with your expectations and fulfils satisfaction criteria. Your feedback is integral to achieving an excellent outcome.

Hitch-free, smooth transitions

Between our services and others
the difference is clear!

Precious Crafts Ltd

  • High quality
  • Free from AI
  • Expert editing
  • SEO specialists
  • Speed
  • Dedicated writing Teams
  • 30k+ articles offered in service

In-house writers

  • High quality
  • Free from AI
  • Expert editing
  • SEO specialists
  • Speed
  • Dedicated writing Teams
  • 30k+ articles offered in service

Freelance writers

  • High quality
  • Free from AI
  • Expert editing
  • SEO specialists
  • Speed
  • Dedicated writing Teams
  • 30k+ articles offered in service

Other copy service providers

  • High quality
  • Free from AI
  • Expert editing
  • SEO specialists
  • Speed
  • Dedicated writing Teams
  • 30k+ articles offered in service

What People Are Saying

I was skeptical about hiring a copywriter at first, but after working with Precious Crafts Ltd for more than a year now, I realize the value they bring to my organization. 

Martin Nyaguthi
CEO/Founder of Shrewdva (Kenya)

What People Are Saying

As a content manager at MEXC, I have been working with Precious Crafts Ltd since April 2023. They are easy to communicate with, always trying their best to achieve our shared goals. Their articles are educational, easy to understand, and beneficial to our community. MEXC would love to work with them continuously!

Amber Peng
Content Manager @ MEXC Global (United States)

What People Are Saying

Hiring Precious Crafts Ltd is one of the best business decisions we made. They were referred to me for hire. Their expertise in our industry has enabled us to produce well-written and informative content that accurately represents our brand.

Camila Karam
Community Manager (Brazil)

What People Are Saying

Working with a talented organization like Precious Crafts Ltd has propelled our company's online presence to a new level of success. They are a great listener and took the time to understand our industry. With their expertise in SEO writing and engaging content, we have reached a broader audience and established ourselves as a leader in our industry.

Ruslana Lishchuk
Content Manager @ Lift: Reels & Stories. (Ukraine)

What People Are Saying

Fast, efficient and diligent. Precious Crafts Ltd delivered quality copy on a tight time scale. I hired the organization as a freelance copywriter to help out on some website copy for a SaaS & B2B product and in only a few weeks, she was able to understand the project and deliver well-crafted copy in a very short space of time. Precious Crafts Ltd would be an asset to any marketing team.

Jessica Triana de Ford
Creative Copywriter In B2B at Remundo (United Kingdom)

What People Are Saying

Precious Crafts Ltd was responsive and professional throughout the entire process. They were easy to work with and asked the right questions to get a clear understanding of our brand voice and target audience. Precious Crafts Ltd' writings were engaging, informative, and unique. I highly recommend them.

Marie Elodhi
SEO Specialist (India)

How our writing solutions have helped 100+ Businesses
streamline operations and maximize resources.

A testament to Precious Crafts Ltd expertise.

We were in urgent need of impactful web content for our EOR and Global HR services (Remundo), and Precious Crafts Ltd delivered beyond our expectation—exceptional results with unmatched speed.

The copies they crafted were not just informative but also highly engaging, capturing the essence of our service perfectly.

Their precise commitment to deliver high-quality work within tight deadlines is truly commendable.

— Augusto Schmidt (Mr.), Chief Marketing Officer at Remundo

Exceptional writing services with undeniable results

Precious Crafts Ltd is an agency keen on excellent writing, very responsive and attentive to deadlines.

 They produce great texts with excellent SEO, grammar, and other writing skills.

I highly recommend Precious Crafts Ltd services for any content writing tasks that you come across.

—– Camila Karan, Community Manager at Boosta

The dramatic evolution of our content marketing strategy with Precious Crafts Ltd

I was skeptical about trusting Precious Crafts Ltd with writing copy for my organization but after over a year of working, the value we’ve gained is undisputed.

With exceptional abilities in deeply understanding our brand, target audience, and industry nuances, the content they produce isn’t only engaging but also perfectly aligned with our marketing objectives.

—– CEO/Founder of Shrewdva (Kenya)

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