Getting Started

What Are Your Rates?

It depends. So, contact us, and let’s discuss your project.

How Long Will It Take You To Complete My Project?

As soon as you want it. The submission will depend on your deadline.

My Project Requires Other Team Members, Can You Work With Them?

Yes, of course. We are always ready to collaborate with other team members for effectiveness.

What’s Your Availability?

We are always available during the weekdays. However, if you need any urgent help during the weekends with any tasks or projects, it will attract an interest of 5%.

How Sure Are You Not To Use ChatGPT?

100% sure. All you need is just an expert human writer, not an AI and we can assure you that.

How Can I Explain What You Need To Write?

You don’t have to be anxious about this. You are free to create and submit your content brief. However, if you are not chanced to do that, go to the contact section, and fill in the necessary details. Feel free to draft and drop your idea in the box. Alternatively, you can check and pick a date in our schedule and we’ll discuss what you want.

How Long Will It Take You To Respond To The Form I Filled?

It will take us a maximum of 3 business days to respond to any message left for us.

Will My Project Be Kept Confidential?

Yes. All your projects are safe with us and none of them will be used for any purpose without your permission.

How Do I Know If You Have Knowledge Of My Sector?

We have expertise in your specific sector. So, don't be anxious about that. Alternatively, you can request a consultation or discussion about your specific project. This allows you to gauge our understanding of your industry through direct communication and collaboration.

I Only Need A Ghostwriter, Can You Do It?

Yes, we can.

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