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Meet Remundo

As a SaaS Company, Remundo is a digital platform that enables businesses to hire and manage diverse global talent from the comfort of their home. They help businesses grow and expand into new territories, and help managers build engaged, diverse, and talented teams. 

Remundo, a leading player in Employment Outsourcing (EOR) and Global Human Resources (HR) services, recognized the need to enhance its digital presence and communicate its value proposition effectively. They partnered with us to revamp their website and position themselves as industry leaders.


The challenge was threefold: 

  • Translating complex EOR services into digestible web content 
  • Crafting a narrative that portrayed their global HR proficiency,
  • Few weeks’ deadline.

The client needed a SaaS/B2B writing services who understood the intricacies of their industry, capable of transforming technical jargon into compelling, accessible language while reflecting their authority in the global HR sector.

Our Approach

Understanding the client’s needs and the nuances of EOR and global HR, We conducted extensive research. Collaborating closely with the client, they delved into the core of their services, comprehending the challenges faced by businesses in managing global workforces. Thorough research and client consultations formed the foundation of our approach.


We meticulously crafted web pages that elucidated the benefits of (Remundo) EOR services, simplifying complex legal and administrative aspects into clear, persuasive language. Simultaneously, We highlighted the client’s expertise in managing diverse HR needs across international borders. 

By blending industry knowledge with compelling storytelling, the web content aimed to resonate with both businesses seeking EOR solutions and organizations in need of expert global HR guidance.


Upon the launch of the new web pages, the client experienced a significant uptick in online engagement. Prospective clients found the content informative, engaging, and easy to comprehend, leading to a notable increase in inquiries. 

The client’s expertise was now not just understood but appreciated, setting them apart in a competitive market. Additionally, the SEO-optimized content improved the company’s search engine rankings, further enhancing their online visibility.

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