In the vast landscape of SEO in 2023, Ubersuggest carves out a unique spot. This SEO tool dives deep, serving up the SEO insights many seek. From breaking down SEO pages to revealing broader search engines’  workings, it’s simple to understand.

So, what’s the buzz about Ubersuggest? Let’s dive into it! This review will shine a light on why many call it a great tool. We’re spilling the beans on its key features and giving you a simple guide on its operation. But like all things, it’s not perfect.

We’ll stack up the good with the not-so-good and dive into its cost setup. And for the curious minds, we’ll even share a glimpse of its closest rivals in the SEO tools universe. Buckle up, and let’s explore!

What Is Ubersuggest?

Ubersuggest is Neil Patel’s brainchild, designed as a free keyword research tool to amplify SEO strategy. It’s rich in keywords and offers potent SEO tools to boost your SEO keywords ranking.

Watch your site’s growth and see how rivals fare too. But Ubersuggest isn’t merely about site ranks. It’s a goldmine of keyword suggestions, content ideas, and glimpses into SEO pages.

Armed with this SEO tool, you’re steps ahead in 2023. Wave away the SEO uncertainties and embrace insights.

Ubersuggest Review – Why Choose This Platform?

Ubersuggest, a unique SEO tool, redefines the SEO game for businesses big and small. Facing SEO woes? Ubersuggest’s free tool offers solutions. The reason to pick it? It unlocks competitor secrets: their keywords, backlinks, top SEO pages, and visitor counts.

Do you need keyword ideas? Ubersuggest’s keyword research tool is a goldmine. Plus, it dishes out keyword suggestions alongside related keywords to boost your content ideas.

Ubersuggest hunts down errors on your website and tells you how to fix them. It even helps you keep tabs on your site’s performance and keyword rankings every day.

Still wondering why you should choose this platform? In a world filled with other SEO tools, Ubersuggest stands out with its domain overview, top SEO pages, competitor research, and a free version.

Ubersuggest Review – Core Features

Each of Ubersuggest’s core features serves a unique purpose in optimizing your online presence. These are precise instruments to enhance your digital strategy. With them you can optimize your website, find keywords that are performing, estimate potential traffic, or leverage backlink data. Boost your online performance easily with these features:

  • Dashboard
  • Site Audit
  • Keyword Research
  • Traffic Estimation
  • Backlinks

Ubersuggest Dashboard

In the realm of SEO tools, the Ubersuggest dashboard shines brightly. Upon login, it beckons you to input your website URL and select your desired number of organic keywords for tracking. With Google Search Console integration, tracking progress and gaining insights becomes effortless.

The dashboard unveils your on-page SEO score, SEO difficulty, and a treasure trove of popular organic keyword phrases. This invaluable Ubersuggest tool empowers users to tackle SEO issues head-on, all conveniently displayed on the main dashboard.

Rank Tracking

The Rank Tracking feature within the Ubersuggest dashboard shines. It provides detailed insights into your tracked keywords and projects. You’ll effortlessly monitor your average ranking position, with intuitive charts revealing fluctuations.

Exporting data to CSV, adding or modifying keywords, and tracking by country and date range are all seamless. This section proves invaluable for staying ahead in the SEO game.

SEO Opportunities

These are suggestions that consider your website’s domain score and various SEO signals, offering insights to boost your SEO performance. The suggestions are ranked by impact and SEO difficulty.

Vote on them with a simple thumbs-up or thumbs-down, shaping the future of your SEO recommendations. Dislike a suggestion, and it disappears, leading to smarter suggestions in the future.

My Workspace

Manage your Ubersuggest projects and settings effortlessly with the My Workspace section. You can create projects for content marketing, websites, or product launches through that.

You can also collaborate by adding team members, granting access to project data. You can easily track progress through insightful reports, monitoring traffic, rankings, and more.

You are also free to customize Ubersuggest preferences, including language and currency. Maximize Ubersuggest to create content ideas, boost organic traffic effectively.

Chrome Extension

Ubersuggest’s Chrome extension seamlessly integrates its powerful features into your browser. You can easily access keyword research data and backlink analysis without leaving your current page.

To install it, visit the Chrome Web Store, search for Ubersuggest, and click Add to Chrome. Once installed, a new Ubersuggest icon appears in your toolbar for one-click access to the Ubersuggest sidebar.

Ubersuggest Site Audit

As part of its SEO software gem, Ubersuggest’s Site Audit resides in the dashboard section, offering a quick health check for your website. You simply pop your website URL into the search bar, and within ten minutes, it fetches vital data.

The report then lays it all out, revealing your site’s SEO health and any looming critical issues. What’s truly nifty is that you can click on the SEO problems for solutions, each with its own SEO difficulty score.

But that’s not all; you also get speed scores for both desktop and mobile versions. It’s your dig-deeper tool for optimizing your own site.

Ubersuggest Keyword Research Tool

Ubersuggest Keyword Research Tool is a robust solution for uncovering keyword suggestions, ideas, and related keywords. With its data on search volume and traffic, it empowers your keyword research.

Plus, it offers valuable insights like Keyword Visualization, Content Ideas, and Keyword Lists. Let’s discuss them in detail below.

Keyword Overview

Ubersuggest’s keyword overview is your compass. It unveils vital data: monthly search volume, SEO and paid difficulty, PPC cost, number of backlinks, and domain authority. Plus, it offers more keyword suggestions and insights into user demographics and related keywords.

The graphical traffic view, age demographics, and related keywords complete the picture. Keyword overview is your gateway to optimizing online visibility and understanding your target audience.

Keyword Ideas

Ubersuggest keyword ideas enhance your SEO strategy by harnessing these keyword gems to drive better results. Discovering new keyword ideas is essential for boosting the main keyword’s performance.

By adding relevant keywords, you can expand your reach and increase estimated organic traffic. The search results unveil top-ranking pages with valuable insights like inbound links, domain authority, and social shares.

Keyword Visualization

Ubersuggest’s Keyword Visualization tool is for discovering trending keywords. This feature, accessible under Keyword Research in the left menu, helps identify emerging keywords related to your main keyword.

It’s a goldmine for fresh keyword ideas that might not be targeted by other websites yet. Simply input your seed keyword, choose your location and language, and uncover a treasure trove of up-and-coming keywords to boost your SEO strategy.

Keyword By Traffic

With the Keyword By Traffic feature, simply input your chosen domain, and instantly discover its top-ranking keywords. This tool is a goldmine for pinpointing precisely what a website ranks for, revealing hidden treasures.

You’ll access the top ten results for each keyword, giving you a deeper understanding of popular keywords, top pages, and referring domains. Plus, it’s easy to filter and export results to CSV for seamless analysis.

Similar Websites

The Similar Websites feature in the Ubersuggest helps you with competitor analysis by listing analogous sites. With the info, you can go deeper with view all to uncover their keyword rankings.

Identify the keywords gap to see what they rank for, but you don’t. Track the elusive number of backlinks and their website traffic. This tool enhances your domain authority and elevates your rank tracking game.

Content Ideas

The Ubersuggest’s Content Ideas feature is pretty straightforward. All you need to do is input keywords and watch as it unveils the web’s most popular content ideas, aiding your content strategy.

Get insights into estimated traffic and how many backlinks used by top pages. It helps in competition analysis, allowing you to add keywords strategically for optimal results.

Keyword Lists

Keyword Lists empower users to save, organize, and manage keywords effortlessly. These lists offer a neat solution for keeping keyword research structured.

Track data for each list, ensuring precision in your strategy. With the ability to save and seamlessly pick up where you left off, Ubersuggest’s Keyword Lists elevate keyword research simplicity.

Traffic Estimation

Traffic Estimation is a blend of keywords’ search volume, website rankings, and typical CTR. Ubersuggest offers insights through two vital sections: the traffic overview and top pages by traffic. Therein lies the secrets behind organic monthly traffic with Ubersuggest’s comprehensive analytics.

Traffic Overview

Traffic Overview feature offers a comprehensive snapshot of website or page performance. This one-page summary presents data on organic traffic, backlinks, domain authority, keywords, and popular content.

Graphs and charts enhance visualization, and users can filter information by country for a more tailored analysis. It’s a vital tool for understanding and optimizing web presence.

Top Pages By Traffic

The Top Pages By Traffic feature offers a concise yet insightful glimpse into a website’s most visited corners. No intricate charts, just a straightforward list.

Clicking view all opens a treasure trove – a detailed breakdown of traffic-generating keywords for each page. It’s your compass in the SEO wilderness, simplifying the quest for online supremacy.


Ubersuggest Backlinks is your ace tool. It dissects any website’s backlink profile swiftly. Discover the number, quality, and anchor text of backlinks. Boost your site’s SEO mojo and climb those search result ranks effortlessly. Just input the website’s domain, hit Analyze, and voilà, your backlink report materializes.

Backlinks Overview

The Backlinks Overview feature delivers crucial data: backlink count, domain authority, referring domains, and even new or lost backlinks.

You can filter by follow or no-follow and see referring domain authority ranges. It’s a valuable asset for assessing a website’s link profile and optimizing your SEO strategy.

Backlink Opportunity

Backlink Opportunity is a potent tool that allows you to unearth backlinks from domains linking to multiple competitors, enhancing your outreach potential.

By clicking the top backlink button, you gain access to the precise website hosting the coveted backlink. A strategic advantage for optimizing your site’s link-building strategy effortlessly.

Ubersuggest New Features – Labs

Ubersuggest’s latest SEO experiments is their innovative Labs. These new features redefine SEO exploration, inviting users to test, share, and even challenge them. It gives you the avenue to jump into the world of SEO experimentation like never before.

Ubersuggest Labs empowers you to engage, provide feedback, and be part of SEO’s cutting edge. Explore these fresh, exciting additions and contribute your insights directly to the developers.

How Ubersuggest Works

Ubersuggest stands out among other SEO tools in the digital marketing arsenal. This free tool simplifies the process—just enter a keyword, and it serves up data on search volume, CPC, competition, and more.

It taps into Google’s algorithm for top-notch keyword research. With filters to fine-tune results, Ubersuggest empowers users to optimize their online presence effortlessly.

Requirements For Ubersuggest

No specific prerequisites are needed for Ubersuggest. However, a basic grasp of SEO and keyword usage is beneficial. When using Ubersuggest for your SEO endeavors, consider these points:

  • The free plan has search and data limitations; upgrading to a paid plan maximizes benefits.
  • Double-check Ubersuggest results with other SEO tools for accuracy.

Remember, Ubersuggest complements but doesn’t replace human SEO expertise.

How To Sign Up

To join Ubersuggest, follow two straightforward methods:

Through Email and Password:

  • Visit the Ubersuggest site, tap “Sign Up.”
  • Enter your email, password, and tap “Create Account.”
  • Verify via the email link.

Through Google Sign-In:

  • On the Ubersuggest site, hit “Sign Up with Google.”
  • Click “Sign in with Google” and follow prompts.

These hassle-free options ensure easy access to Ubersuggest.

Ubersuggest Review – Pros And Cons

This versatile tool offers a mix of advantages and disadvantages that can make or break your SEO strategy. Here’s a breakdown of its pros and cons:


  • Dive into high-rank pages: Ubersuggest unveils the magic of top pages, guiding you to mirror their achievements.
  • Get precise keyword gems: No more keyword puzzles. Ubersuggest hands you the golden keywords for your content’s spotlight.
  • Pinpoint site hiccups: Easily spot and mend site hitches, ensuring it always runs smooth.
  • Awesome starter video guide: New to SEO? Ubersuggest’s video breaks it down, easy and clear.
  • Share and analyze with ease: Quickly export crucial data, perfect for team dives.
  • Bonus SEO masterclass: Ubersuggest steps up, giving you free lessons to shape your SEO game.


  • Slow with many tasks: Running lots of reports? Ubersuggest might take a breather, causing minor waits.
  • Base plan’s short leash: The starter pack has some bounds, which could hold back seasoned users.
  • Missing mobile touch: A gap in the mobile world – no Ubersuggest app for pocket SEO checks.
  • Low competitor limit on the basic plan: If you’re looking to monitor a broad spectrum of competitors, the basic plan’s limited competitor tracking might fall short.

Ubersuggest Review – Pricing

Ubersuggest provides a free desktop site auditing tool, perfect for those dipping their toes into the waters of SEO analysis. However, the free version limits you to just three daily searches. To unlock the full potential, you can opt for their paid plans.

The Individual plan comes at $12 per month or $120 for a lifetime subscription. Business users can access it for $20 per month or $200 lifetime, while the Enterprise plan is available at $40 per month or $400 lifetime.

If commitment worries you, there’s a 7-day free trial to explore, and they sweeten the deal with a 30-day money-back guarantee. This pricing structure offers flexibility and room to grow for marketers and businesses alike.

Ubersuggest Top Alternatives

In your quest for effective digital marketing, there are top notch alternatives to Ubersuggest. These alternatives provide diverse tools, from search term insights to domain score improvements, helping you make the most of your online presence.


Trusted by millions worldwide, SEMrush is a digital marketing powerhouse. While excelling in SEO, it also delves into social media, content optimization, paid ad campaigns, and PR, offering an all-in-one solution for your digital marketing needs.

Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner, accessible through Adwords, provides invaluable insights into search terms. It offers keyword stats, bid suggestions, and helps maximize your budget for optimal results. It’s cost-effective, accessible to all, and provides bid ranges for your seed keyword.


Ahrefs, a favorite among SEO enthusiasts, offers comprehensive site tracking, research capabilities, and traffic analysis. It’s your go-to for monitoring site health and even automating email campaigns.

Google Search Console

Optimize your site with Google Search Console. It tailors your content to meet user needs, measures traffic, analyzes activity, and identifies potential site issues, making it a must-have for site owners. If you already utilize Google Analytics, integrating Google Search Console can enhance your insights, especially for link data.

Final Thought

For search engine optimization in 2023, Ubersuggest is an SEO tool that can be very cost effective and valuable . It demystifies SEO, introducing tools like site audit, Ubersuggest keyword exploration, domain overview, and competitor same keywords tracking. It’s a gem, suitable for both rookies and experts.


Is Ubersuggest any good?

Indeed, Ubersuggest stands out. It illuminates the world of SEO and keyword diving. Friendly on the pocket and ideal for beginners, it’s a boon for those starting in digital marketing.

Is Ubersuggest as good as Semrush?

Ubersuggest is commendable, but Semrush holds an edge with its extensive features. For seasoned marketers and expansive businesses, Semrush is often the top pick.

What is Neil Patel known for?

Neil Patel is a digital marketing wizard and SEO maestro. He’s a thriving entrepreneur, writer, and sought-after blogger. He shares wisdom via blogs, videos, and talks.

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