What You Should Expect

All-In-One Dashboard

Access real-time analytics, track your referrals, and manage your earnings seamlessly.


We prioritize openness, ensuring you have clear insights into your referrals, earnings, and performance.

Track Your Referrals

Stay in control of your affiliate journey with the ability to track your referrals in real time.

20% Referral Earnings

Every successful conversion from your referral brings you substantial returns with maximum earnings of 20%.

Seamless Operation

Experience seamless operation with our user-friendly platform. It is designed to ensure that all aspects of your affiliate partnership run smoothly.

Comprehensive Support

Feel supported throughout your partnership journey with our dedicated support team. We are just a click away.

How Our Affiliate Program Works

Your support helps provide resources, workshops, and opportunities that enable writers to hone their craft and thrive in the writing industry.

Webinar Referrals

PCWritings organizes webinars constantly to empower writers in Nigeria. To take advantage of this particular program, all you need to do is;

  • Refer people to join the program.
  • Ensure they finish the programs.
  • Earn as much as 1000 per each referral who managed to complete the program.

Monthly Pitches Referrals

As part of our growth, we normally organize writing competitions every month to boost any aspiring writer’s confidence. As an affiliate, for you to benefit from this, all you need to do is;

  • Refer people to compete in the programs.
  • Earn as much as 20% from any of your referrals that win.

Brand Referrals

Whether you are a blogger, influencer, content creator, or anyone passionate about promoting businesses, then, this is for you. All you need to do is;

  • Promote this brand on your platform.
  • Refer to this brand for any opportunity.
  • Earn 20% for a successful referral that hires our services. 

Project Referrals

We are still growing, so, if you have a network interested in SaaS/B2B content or who needs a copywriter, content writer, etc., then this program is for you because you will have access to;

  • Earn 20% from the project.
  • Foster our partnership.
  • Enjoy a more robust opportunity.

Join our Affiliate Partnership Program today and embark on a journey where collaboration meets financial growth.

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