Undoubtedly, writing tools make writing easy, they are not only helpful to beginners but also to professional and experienced writers.

As a writer, have you ever experienced writer’s block – a situation where it seems your brain goes on a vacation and you are short of ideas and creativity?

Have you found yourself in a situation where you can not type or write despite having a lot to write about?

Writing tools can serve as your saviour in such cases. Read this content intensively to really know what writing tools are, their functions and which writing tool to consult for a specific purpose.

What A Writing Tool Really Is

A writing tool is an application software designed to make writing easier for writers of every category. It can help in every stage or aspect of writing and make writing efficient and well organized.

A writing tool is not an application designed to make writers get lazy, plagiarize and be Artificial Intelligence dependent but a tool that has the ability to sharpen the creativity of every writer. It helps to better arrange and correct a writer’s content to improve the  readability of such content.

A writing tool helps to improve the organizational structure of a  literary work, whether an essay, an article and other content a writer can come up with.

It also helps to fix the grammatical and typographical error that may be present in any form of writing. It is also designed to help with power points or ideas that can give you more insights on different topics.

Why Do You Need Writing Tools?

Although, one can write without any writing tool, making use of writing tools will give you an edge over other writers, help transform your work to its best version and also serve as a guide; making it easier for writers especially beginners.

The following are the importances of writing tools:

They Are Time And Money Saving

With the help of writing tools, you get to edit your work qualitatively without having to spend hours on the re-reading of your work in order to edit it.

With writing tool you are able to save yourself some money because you won’t have to pay an editor to edit your work for you.

They Enhance The Use Of Vocabulary

Writing tools like Thesaurus and One Look Reverse Dictionary leaves you with enough words to express your ideas without repetitions.

Spelling Checker

They can play the roles of a spelling checker and a grammar corrector. They examine your work rigorously and highlights wrong spellings, grammatical errors and punctuations.

Some writing tools like Grammarly and Hermingway Editor, help to simplify sentences to trigger readers’ engagement.

Writing Tools Can Also Serve As Organizational Tools

To write well is good but the ability to arrange thoughts in a cohesive and coherent manner is key. Writing tools can aid  the proper classification of thoughts.

SEO Optimization Tools

They are improved Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools. They can provide you with relevant keywords and highly search topics to help drive traffic to your work or website.

Speech-To-Write Functionality

In a situation where you can neither type nor move your hands on paper, you can use a software application with the speech-to-write functionality. An example of this application is Google Voice Typing.

10 Best Writing Tools To Suit Your Need As A Writer

Since you have learnt that writing tools are indispensable and are needed by writers especially beginners, here are some highly preferred writing tools that you can try out.

1. Grammarly

This writing tool helps to ensure your writing is error free. It helps to correct grammatical errors, ensure the appropriate use of punctuation marks and check spelling. It can also serve as a plagiarism checker_ ensures your work is original and not copied by scanning through a vast database, enhances vocabulary and offer insights to improve the readability of your work.

2. Thesaurus

This is mainly focused on vocabulary, it helps with meanings of words coupled with examples, synonyms and antonyms to prevent the the repetition of the same words. It is an effective  resource that provides one with the right words to express one’s thoughts.

3. Hemingway Editor 

The major attribute of this valuable writing tool is to enhance the readability of your work. It suggests vary sentence length and the use of active sentences to make your work an engaging read. It also suggests the simplification of expression for easy comprehension. This application provides you with the opportunity to edit your work offline.

4. Scrivener

This Artificial Intelligence (AI) writing tool helps with the writing process and organization of your work. It allows the breaking of your work into different sections, making it easy to edit every aspect of your work. Scrivener is best for the organizing and drafting of your literary works. 

5. Google Docs

It serves as a great tool for a collaborative writing. Multiple users can work on a document concurrently using this application; it saves your work automatically as you type. Your work is saved in the cloud also, making it accessible from any device with an internet connection.

6. Evernote

A note-taking app that allows to create notebooks and categorize them effectively. Images, web pages and articles can also be stored on this application for future references. It aids the easy sharing of notes to others. The search for notes and information on this tool is also made easy.

7. One Look Reverse Dictionary 

It is a unique tool that allows users to input phrases or descriptions to get relevant words. With this tool, you can get specific words to certain phrases. It helps to show the relationship between words, providing the users with several words, thereby expanding their vocabulary. You can as well share or save search results for future references on this tool.

8. Cliché Finder

It helps to point out overused words or phrases in your work and helps in avoiding the use of common cliché. It proffers writers with fresh expressions that can make readers stay clued to their content.

9. 750 Words

What makes a writer is a  consistent healthy writing habit, this software application encourages one to write a content of 750 words daily. The daily writing habits that comes with this application enhances personal development as a writer.

10. Freedom

With this application, a writer can brainstorm, outline or type his work on digital gadgets without distraction. It allows users to block certain websites and remain focused. As a writer, with Freedom,  you can write on your digital notepad without being tempted to log in to several social media platforms to chat friends while writing.


All in all, coming up with an incredible write- up can be challenging mostly for new writers and sometimes for seasoned writers, and for this reason, writing tools have been put in place to help writers create great contents with less stress. Considering the functions and importances of writing tools, it is wise to try them out.

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